luxury L shaped two story house plans

There are many advantages of L-shaped house plans. This kind of home style work well whether the house is built in narrow or large lot. The most important thing is that any rooms can get attractive view along one side of the lot. Therefore, many homeowners like to have this kind of home.

In L-shape style home, bedrooms are usually clustered in one area of the L. It is held to make sure that people living inside this house has sufficient privacy. Meanwhile, the center of the building becomes a place for family activities. The other leg of the L shape becomes a place for garage. The door of the garage is faced into the street or it is turned to a driveway about 90 degrees closer to the front of the house.

When the homeowners need a courtyard area, the L-shaped house plans are good solutions. The courtyard area will be in the crook of two legs. This place becomes an interesting area to enjoy afternoon or to entertain. On both legs, there are windows in which people can see attractive view. Nevertheless, if the homeowner gives false treatment for this kind of house, it is not impossible that the advantages of L-shaped style house will not be felt.


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